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Module Views

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This module contains classes related to the view, textarea, and buffer. It
doesn't contain all the GUI code,
but the code for the main window and textarea is mostly here.

This module queues the following events:
        Every time a new buffer is focused
        Whenever a file is closed by clicking the 'X' on a tab. This is not
        issued when a plugin closes a buffer via a keypress or other action;
        it is the responsibility of such a plugin to issue this event.
This module listens for the following events:
        Whenever a file is closed in any way. The View performs some internal
        cleanup when a file is closed, so it is VITAL that any external plugins
        that close a buffer notify the view that they have done so by queueing
        this event.

Classes [hide private]
A Frame containing the entire text-area and any other panels, menus, toolbars, etc.
The editing buffer is currently a default StyledTextCtrl with a few modifications but will eventually likely be a very robust class in its own right