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Module pallavi

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This module provides the RunPallavi function, which can be used to invoke
 Pallavi views from inside the Python interpreter. Typically this is the main
entry point for the editor, and is run from the command line. It also provides
the class Pallavi, which holds references to the views, eventbus, etc

This module provides the following actions:
        Open a new Pallavi edit window
        Close the current Pallavi edit window. If it is the only window open, terminate
        Toggle whether or not a given dockpane is currently visible. If it is not shown
        it will be shown. If it is visible and attached to the currently focused view,
        it will be closed. If it is visible but attached to a different view, it will
        be attached to the currently focused view.
This module issues the following events:
        When a view is closed
        When a new view is created

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