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Module Lexing

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This plugin listens for events that change the text buffer and changes
the buffer lexing styles if they needs to be changed.

This plugin provides the following actions:
GetLexerItem (itemname, callback)
        Get an arbitrary item from the lexer for the focused TextView,
        variable name and callback function to return the item to.      

This plugin listens for the following events.
        Adjusts the syntax highlighting on a buffer when event occurs.

Classes [hide private]
Class collects information about a specific lexing mode, including information for syntax parsing as well as possibly info for code folding, autoindent, and other features.
Functions [hide private]
Sets up the event listeners and arranges for lexing on all textviews
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GetLexerItem(itemname, callback)
Get an arbitrary item stored on a per-mode basis and call the callback with the value of that item
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AdjustLexing(eventName, data)
Adjusts the lexing on the textview passed as data or the currently focused textview.
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AdjustLexingAll(eventName, data)
Adjust the lexing on all textviews in all views
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MatchLexer(filename, firstline) source code
Variables [hide private]
  lexers = {}